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Experiencing an historic site from a different angle

Hiking Start: Bottom of Masada cable car, at the entrance to the “Snake Trail”, -298m ASL

Hiking: 4.6km, 340Hm, 2-3h

Marked trail "Shvil Hanahash" upto "Shvil Israel", the connection to the takeoff in Mount Elasar is on marked trail colored black

Takeoff Point: Mount Elasar, South to Mount Masada, -42m ASL

Takeoff Type: Desert Rocks

Takeoff Direction: N-E

Landing Options: The east parking of Masada site

Advantages: Refreshment and water available mid-route at Masada. One can shorten the route by taking the cable car (note there is still a climb from Masada to the takeoff in Mount Elasar). Easy landing next to the car. Arrival to the site is possible with public transportation.

Disadvantages: The takeoff lip of mount Elasar has some rocks – watch out while inflating your wing

Caution: Watch out from the cable of the gondola lift

Disclaimer: The route situated in an area defined as a national park, with all related implication

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