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How to read this guidebook?

Hiking Start: (name of the start point of the hike), (meters above sea level)m ASL

Hiking: (hiking Distance)km, (gaining vertical meters)Hm, (estimated required time)h

Takeoff Point: (name of the takeoff), (meters above sea level)m ASL

Takeoff Type: (the nature of the surface)

Takeoff Direction: (possible directions of takeoff)

Landing Options: (suggested landing)

Advantages: (why this tour is awesome + possible variations)

Disadvantages: (what is fucked-up about this tour)

Caution: (pay attention)

Map: (Interactive map of the hiking part - better used with FATMAP app or desktop (it is strongly recommended to use also

Map and Navigation

This website is using FATMAP to describe the hiking part of the tours. It is recommended to browse the map on FATMAP's website or download FATMAP app:

Although Israel has a good cellular coverage – some areas are not connected. It is also recommended to download the route offline if planned to use it during the tour.

All takeoffs on this website are accessible on marked trails. All marked trails in Israel are on It is very recommended to download Amud Anan app and use it as a complimentary tool for planning and navigating.

Time Management

The estimated times on the map do not factor finding the takeoff spot and preparing your gear for takeoff. Allow at least another 30min for this. The times neither factor rests. At any rate - allow also the time to walk down if not flyable.


This is a basic guidebook for hike and fly tours that describe only in bullet points the principles of the tours. The underlined assumption is that users are autonomous and experienced paragliding pilots (and hikers) to plan and execute adventures on their own. That is especially true for desert routes.

Like many other countries, paragliding in Israel can be restricted on some parts in certain times. It is up to each pilot to comply. Note that the Israeli Airforce is very active and the borders are extremely sensitives. 

At any rate - this website does not take any responsibility of any kind. Go do your own homework and take ownership for your own actions.

Weather Forecast and Other Sources

Weather Forecast:


Wind Forecast: (I like ECMWF model)


Wind Stations:

Thermal Forecast:  


Emergency numbers in Israel:


Trail Navigation:


NOTAM maps and app:


How to Paraglide:


Do you mule 15kg of paragliding gear? Forget it. The tours here require paragliding gear in category of "lightweight" or even a nappy harness and a mountain wing. For each tour you need to pack slightly different but as a principle - go 'light&fast'. Otherwise the required times are not feasible and you will compromise your safely on the delicate hikes. 

Seasons and Conditions

Mind the season and region: Israel is essentially a “flatland” allowing hiking and flying year-round. That said – every season does have different characteristics that one need to understand and take under consideration. Moreover, in Israel the north and the south (desert) have a completely different terrain and weather system.

Summer: Extremely hot and hiking in desert is too brutal. The air in the south is dry and kicking. Strong west wind is the often dominate and takeoffs is normally early morning before its getting too strong

Spring and autumn: Usual these are the best seasons in Israel for Hike and Fly. It rarely rains, temperatures are pleasant for hiking (though could still be hot) and often it is thermic with cloud base around 1500m and above.

Winter: Weather is generally less stable and some days could be rainy. Although relatively short days the temperatures for hiking are very good. Note that the nights in the desert are cold.

Local Knowledge

Further reading about flying in the Israeli desert (in Hebrew):

מצנחי רחיפה – הרפתקה חורפית במדבר יהודה

Local knowledge in paragliding is everything and its advisable to get in contact with local pilots. The local paragliding community in Israel is awesome and its people will be very happy to support and share information. Please feel free to contact for references.

Impression video

"Metailim Baaretz" hike and fly mount Tzruya

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