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From Hula valley and through Naftali Mountains: If it’s good enough for migratory birds – it’s good for Hike&Fly pilots

Hiking Start: Parking by the lower station of Menara cable car, 139m ASL

Hiking: 3.8km, 710Hm, 1.5-2.5h

Path from the bottom of the cable car upto the Cross Israel Trail, walking it north until connecting with the blue trail that climbs to Manara

Takeoff Point: 20m under the upper station of Menara cable car on a jeep road, 824m ASL

Takeoff Type: Dirt

Takeoff Direction: E

Landing Options: Aside the many fish farming and agricultural fields (east to road 90)

Advantages: A diverse route through Naftali Forest and Ramim cliffs. Anabatic wind works often due to orientation and altitude. Soaring potential in east wind along Ramim cliff. Accessible with public transportation

Disadvantages: Takeoff is tricky in light wind because of the high vegetation. A major ascent. Landing near the car is challenging due to cables – better to aim to the open fields of Hahula valley. Though being a thermic site – flying XC is problematic due to the nearby border with Lebanon

 Caution: Menara lift’s cable

Disclaimer: The border with Lebanon is extremely close and sensitive (west). It is advisable not to gain altitude in thermic conditions in order to avoid getting washed west with the wind. Once takeoff – glide straight east. The route situated in an area defined as a national park, with all related implication

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