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Mevo Hama

A route from Galilee Sea up to Golan Heights: A flight with the most beautiful northern view in Israel

Hiking Start: Parking by the HaOn junction (Gas station Alon), -165m ASL

Hiking: 6.9km, 519Hm, 2-3h

Green marked trail upto the takeoff

Takeoff Point: Mount Nimron (approx. 1km south to Kibbutz Mevo Hama), 354m ASL

Takeoff Type: Dirt

Takeoff Direction: W, SW, NW

Landing Options: Aside agricultural fields along road 92 (near the parking)

Advantages: Easy takeoff point. Soaring potential along HaOn cliffs. Possible to combine the day with swimming at the Kineret. Landing close to parking.

Disadvantages: No point for refreshment – take water for the entire day. No access with public transportation. West wind in the summer tend to be strong. Close to the Syrian border

 Caution: 6km to the east is the border with Syria: stay away. Super-hot during the summer

Disclaimer: The route situated in an area defined as a national park, with all related implication

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