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Mount Berekh

Leisure vacation in Eilat? Forget it! A tough and wild route to the top of Timna cliffs

Hiking Start: The Arch parking in Timna Park, 308m ASL

Hiking: 10.8km, 696Hm, 5.5-6.6h. A shorter alternative is to takeoff at the head of Berekh Ascent 405Hm

The trails are marked in from the parking in blue, on the ascent turn into black and on the plateau connect with the red

Takeoff Point 1: Berekh Viewpoint, 30m east of mount Berekh summit, 825m ASL.

Takeoff Point 2: A shorter version, 20m south to the head of the Berekh Ascent, 703m ASL.

Takeoff Type: Desert Rocks

Takeoff Direction: E, SE, S, SW

Landing Options: Starting point at the Arch parking or Timna Park’s plains

Advantages: Far from humans. Diverse hiking route through beautiful canyons and a gaining a proper elevation through Maale Berekh. Timna cliffs are high and often generates anabatic wind. High potential for XC. Possible to land by the car. One can shorten the hike to the takeoff by hiking from the west through road 12 but getting back there is possible only in thermic conditions

Disadvantages: A long and remote route. Nowhere to refill water mid-route. Timna cliffs have a complex structure – soaring them can be rotorish. No access with public transportation

 Caution: 12km to the west is the border with Egypt: stay away. Full-On desert: hiking during the hot hours is exhausting.

Disclaimer: Better start early morning and get to the takeoff before 11am. The route situated in an area defined as a national park, with all related implication

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