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Mount HaAri

A route with a Laban’e stop and soaring along Meron ridge: Hike and Fly – the Galilee edition

Hiking Start: Parking along road 85 (approx. one kilometer west to Hananya junction), 320m ASL

Hiking: 8.7km, 738Hm, 2.5-3.5h

Dirt trail until Ein El Asad, then connecting with a Jeep trail marked green until Beit Jan. From Beit Jan the way to the takeoff is through the village roads

Takeoff Point: Mount HaAri, 1028m ASL

Takeoff Type: Asphalt

Takeoff Direction: SE, S, SW

Landing Options: Aside the agricultural fields around the parking

Advantages: Relatively a big climb. Refreshment is available in Ein El Asad and Beit Jann. An “official” takeoff spot. South facing takeoff with anabatic wind. XC potential during spring and autumn. Landing near the car

Disadvantages: A long hike. No access with public transportation. In case of no-takeoff conditions – the hike back to the car is long

 Caution: In strong east wind – the glide back to the car is dubious

Disclaimer: The route situated in an area defined as a national park, with all related implication

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