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Mount Timna

A hike among copper mountains to the most beautiful table mountain in Israel

Hiking Start: Timna Park’s main entrance, 147m ASL

Hiking: 3.3km, 246Hm, 1-2h

The trail is marked as The official Cross-Israel Trail

Takeoff Point: Mount Timna, 426m ASL

Takeoff Type: Desert Rocks

Takeoff Direction: All Directions besides south

Landing Options: North to mount Timna, on the red trail/road. Walking east on that path will connect you back to the starting point. With a bit of climb above mount Timna one can glide directly back to the starting point

Advantages: An easy hike in a wild area. Takeoff from a relatively rock-free spot. Mount Timna holds much thermic potential: in south wind one can XC toward Mitzpe Ramon (parallel to Arava highway). Samer dunes (5min driving from the park) – a cool place to ground handle

Disadvantages: Hot

 Caution: Mount Timna surrounded with small mountains: avoid getting low in their valleys – rotor potential (many open fields around within gliding distance)

Disclaimer: The route situated in an area defined as a national park, with all related implication

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